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As the specialty care global business unit of Sanofi, our work is focused in the areas of rare diseases, rare blood disorders, multiple sclerosis, oncology, and immunology. Each day we continue to advance new therapies, demonstrating our commitment to making a positive impact on the lives of patients around the world. For more information, visit https://www.sanofigenzyme.com/



CSL Behring

CSL Behring is committed to saving lives and improving the quality of life for people with rare and serious diseases worldwide. This commitment is reflected in the support for investigator-initiated studies (IIS) that advance medical and scientific knowledge of CSL Behring products and the diseases they are designed to treat. CSL Behring also supports innovative clinical and basic science studies that address important medical and scientific questions related to our therapeutic areas of interest:

  • Immunodeficiency
  • Hemophilia Disorders
  • Immune-mediated Neuromuscular Disorders
  • Acquired & Oral Anticoagulant-Associated Bleeding
  • Hereditary Angioedema




Takeda is relentless in its pursuit of a world without bleeds. They assist patients with hemophilia to get access to care. They are focused on building partnerships in communities around the world to empower education, expand awareness and enable earlier diagnosis.



Kedrion Hemophilia

Kedrion’s plasma-derived therapies help people suffering from debilitating conditions like Hemophilia and Immune Deficiencies. We are privileged to provide this service and do so with a profound sense of responsibility.




American Thrombosis and Hemostasis Network (ATHN)

The Foundation for Women & Girls with Blood Disorders (FWGBD) was launched in 2010 to serve as a single site source where physicians and healthcare providers can obtain information and education.

FWGBD's mission is to ensure all women and adolescent girls with blood disorders are correctly diagnosed and optimally treated and managed at every life stage.


Hemophilia Federation of America (HFA)

HFA member organizations across the country utilize HFA’s collaborative federation to strengthen community support and awareness, develop effective local organizations, and implement valuable community-based programs. These programs include a wide range of outreach initiatives and broad-based support for families with bleeding disorders.


World Foundation of Hemophilia

For over 50 years, the World Federation of Hemophilia (WFH) has worked globally to close the gap in care and to achieve treatment for all people, both men and women, with hemophilia and other inherited bleeding disorders, no matter where they live.


National Hemophilia Foundation

The National Hemophilia Foundation (NHF) is dedicated to finding better treatments and cures for inheritable bleeding disorders and to preventing the complications of these disorders through education, advocacy and research


The Coalition of Hemophilia B

The Coalition for Hemophilia B was founded in 1990 by Joyce and John Taylor when their son was diagnosed with moderate/severe Hemophilia B. Formed as a way of providing information about treatment options to patients and their families, as well as instigating and funding research and product development, the Coalition provides information about treatment that will improve quality of life, works to define new treatment modalities, and support efforts to eliminate the disease.


National Council on Aging

Help people ages 60+ meet the challenges of aging and partners with nonprofit organizations, government, and business to provide innovative community programs and services, online help, and advocacy.


National Institutes of Health

The National Institutes of Health (NIH), a part of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, is the nation’s medical research agency making important discoveries that improve health and save lives.


NIH SeniorHealth and Exercise Site 

NIHSeniorHealth helps seniors find answers to their medical questions from the comfort of their own homes thanks to this new and innovative online resource.

NIH Senior Health Exercise

Disability Benefits Help

Disability Benefits Help is an independent organization dedicated to helping people of all ages learn more about the Social Security application process, receive disability benefits, or stay on benefits after approval.

Staff can be reached at help@disability-benefits-help.org or you could ask a question in their forum: 



LA Kelley Communications has a lot of publications including a book called "Raising a Child with Hemophilia: A Practical Guide for Parents". You can learn more by visiting: